Using Discord to Synchronize and Watch YouTube Videos with Friends

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Using Discord to Synchronize and Watch YouTube Videos with Friends

Using Discord’s “Activities” feature in voice channels, community members can play games and watch YouTube videos together. This article will introduce how to use the “Activities” feature to synchronize and watch YouTube videos online with friends.

How to Start an Activity in a Discord Voice Channel?

First, join any voice channel in a Discord server. Next to the “Share Your Screen” button, you’ll find a “Start an Activity” button. Click on it to access the activity menu.

Starting an Activity

Starting an Activity

In the menu, apart from “Watch Together,” there are 14 other games. This article will only explain “Watch Together,” which allows you to watch YouTube videos online with friends. For information about the games, you can refer to the article in the “Further Reading” section below.

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Activity Menu

Activity Menu

Introduction to The Watch Together Feature

The convenience of “Watch Together” is that you can watch YouTube videos with friends or other community members without needing to share your screen. You can also collaboratively edit the video playlist. The operational interface is as follows:

User interface for watching YouTube videos together

Operational Interface for Watching YouTube Videos Together

Enabling Playlist Editing

At the top-left corner of the interface, there’s a toggle that allows the host to decide whether participants can add videos to the playlist.

Choosing a Host

The host can pass the hosting rights to a designated community member.

Video Playlist

You can preview and manage the existing video playlist.

Searching for Videos

The search field at the top-right corner directly uses YouTube’s page for video searches. Clicking on a search result adds the video to the “Video Playlist” on the left. Additionally, the host can adjust the video’s timeline while watching. This timeline will be synchronized across all members’ screens, enabling synchronized viewing of YouTube videos.

Other Community Members

The bottom field displays a list of other community members currently in the same voice channel.

Further Applications of Watch Together

Discord can integrate with YouTube accounts, especially for YouTubers who have enabled the “YouTube Channel Membership” feature. Through Discord, they can easily and quickly establish exclusive roles for YouTube channel subscriber.

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In conjunction with the “Watch Together” feature introduced in this article, YouTubers can host online watch parties with their fans in their Discord server.

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