Discord User Settings Guide – Showcase Your Personal Style

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Discord User Settings Guide - Showcase Your Personal Style

Discord is a free community communication software designed for communities. Users can create or join servers based on their interests. In addition, Discord offers both anonymous and real-name features, depending on how much personal information users are willing to disclose on their profiles. Apart from profile pictures, banners, and text-based introductions, Discord also provides the functionality to connect with external communities and digital entertainment accounts, unlocking special integrated effects. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of Discord’s “User Settings” feature.

My Account

First, go to the profile section in the bottom left corner of the web version of Discord and click on the gear icon to access the “User Settings” page.

open user settings

Click on the gear icon (User Settings)

In “User Settings,” you can find “My Account,” which includes all the essential settings related to your Discord account.

My Account page

My Account page

Modifying Important Information

You can modify important information such as display name, username, email address, phone number, and password on this page.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

It is highly recommended for all Discord users to enable two-factor authentication, as it significantly enhances the security of your account, protecting yourself, your friends, and the community from any potential losses due to personal account theft.

Two-factor authentication, also known as 2FA, requires users to enter a randomly generated 6-digit verification code produced by an authentication app every 30 seconds, in addition to their password, to log into their account.

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Delete Account

The options to disable or delete your account can be found at the bottom of the “My Account” page. Please be cautious when using these options, and note that there are additional confirmation steps required even if you choose to proceed.


The information edited on this page is what other Discord users will see when they click on your profile. Discord has two types of profiles for each user: “User Profile” and “Server Profiles.”

User Profile

The “User Profile” serves as the default display information and is shown when you join any Discord server.

Regular members have four information fields that can be set:

  • Display Name: The name displayed in Discord.
  • Avatar: Only static images are allowed.
  • Banner Color: Modify the banner color.
  • About Me: A self-introduction with a character limit of 190.

If you are a Nitro subscriber, you can unlock additional advanced features:

  • Avatar: In addition to static images, you can upload animated avatars (GIF files).
  • Profile Banner: You can upload your preferred profile banner image, including animated GIF files.
  • Profile Theme: Customize the color of your entire profile (default is gray) and the color of the profile border.
  • About Me: A self-introduction with a character limit of 190.

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User ProfileUser Profile

Server Profiles

The editable fields for “Server Profiles” are mostly the same as those in “User Profile” with the difference being that you can set a unique server nickname for each Discord server you join.

Server ProfileServer Profiles

Custom Status

In addition to the profile settings, there is an additional field called “Custom Status” where you can display additional information. To modify the custom status, click on your profile in the bottom left corner of Discord and select “Set Custom Status” from the popup menu.

Set Custom Status

Set Custom Status

Within the custom status settings, you can use an emoji and a line of text. You can also set a duration for the status to automatically clear after a certain period. The last option is the status itself, which can be adjusted to “Online,” “Idle,” “Do Not Disturb,” or “Invisible.”

Custom Status Settings

Custom Status Settings

After setting a custom status, other members of the server or your friends can see the additional information displayed below your nickname.

Appearance with Custom Status

Appearance with Custom Status

Privacy & Safety

This page contains settings related to private messages and privacy.

Privacy & Safety

Privacy & Safety

Explicit image filter

There are three different security levels available. It is recommended to set it to at least the middle level, such as “Filter direct messages from non-friends.” Since most unsolicited private messages on.

DM spam Filter

There are three different security levels available. It is recommended to set it to at least the middle level, such as “Filter direct messages from non-friends.” Since most unsolicited private messages on.

Allow direct messages from server members

By default, it is enabled, but it is recommended to choose to disable it because if there is a genuine need for private messaging, you can first have a conversation in the public channels of the Discord server and then mutually add each other as friends for private communication. Otherwise, most unsolicited private messages are usually ill-intentioned.

Allow Access to age-restricted servers on iOS

Only enable this feature if you need to use it.

Enable message requests from server members you may not know

If you have “Allow direct messages from server members” enabled, it is highly recommended to enable this feature as well. It can help block some malicious messages.

Authorized Apps

Here you can view which permissions you have granted to third-party applications for your Discord account. If you have any concerns about certain authorizations, you can always come to this page to revoke them.

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Authorized Applications

Authorized Apps


This feature allows you to connect Discord with external communities and digital entertainment accounts, unlocking special Discord integration effects. Currently, Discord offers a total of 19 different account connection options, and the list continues to expand.



Click on the account you want to connect and follow the instructions step by step to complete the process.

After connecting an account, users can choose whether or not to display it on their Discord profile. Taking the example of the PlayStation Network shown in the image, in addition to “Display on profile,” there is also an option to “Display PlayStation Network as your status.” Enabling this option allows you to show which game you are playing on Discord’s status while playing on PlayStation.

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If I have publicly shared my Twitter account, this information will be displayed at the bottom of my profile. Other users who are interested can directly click on the link to visit it, as shown in the image below.

Displaying external accounts on profile

Displaying external accounts on profile

Friend Requests

On this page, you can set who can send friend requests to you. The options include “Everyone,” “Friends of Friends,” and “Server Members.”

Friend Request Settings

Friend Request Settings

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