Discord Creates AI Chatbot Clyde Using OpenAI Technology

by 邦卡
Discord Creates AI Chatbot Clyde Using OpenAI Technology

Since late November 2022, the AI research lab OpenAI in the US has made the GPT-3.5 version of ChatGPT available for public use for free. Since then, people have often seen the names ChatGPT and OpenAI on the internet.

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In early March 2023, Discord also launched an AI chatbot named Clyde, which was built using OpenAI technology. This allows Discord users to directly converse with Clyde in text channels. This article will introduce how to enable Clyde and where to try it out.

How to Enable Clyde on Discord Servers

Currently, the AI chatbot Clyde is still in the testing phase, so not all Discord servers can use Clyde. Only a few selected servers can enable the Clyde feature.

For servers that are selected to use the Clyde feature, administrators can open the “Server Settings” menu and then see the following screen under the “Integrations” option.

Discord Creates AI Chatbot Clyde Using OpenAI Technology

Enabling Clyde

Next, simply turn on the “Enable Clyde” option.

How to Chat with Clyde

After enabling the Clyde feature, you can chat with Clyde in text channels. Just mention “@Clyde” in any message and you will receive a response from the AI chatbot Clyde.

Clyde’s Profile

The genuine AI chatbot Clyde’s nickname is followed by the words “AI” in a green box. Clicking on Clyde’s account shows the following profile:

Clyde's Profile

Clyde’s Profile

Examples of Conversations and Usage with Clyde

My first conversation with Clyde left me amazed. Below is a screenshot of my first conversation with Clyde in Chinese.

與 Clyde 寒暄

Chatting with Clyde

As I had written in the “About Me” section of my Discord account that I have “9 years of experience in game industry community management,” to my surprise, Clyde used this information as an opening greeting and it gave me goosebumps.

Later, some other users who couldn’t understand Chinese used my message to start a thread and asked Clyde to translate my message and his reply into English. Clyde immediately performed a perfect translation and even tagged my account again in the translated message. This move once again left me feeling a bit shocked.

Clyde 翻譯對話

Clyde’s Translation of Conversations

Where to try out Clyde?

Currently, there are very few servers that have enabled the Clyde feature, but I have seen a few enthusiastic users sharing servers where people can try out Clyde. If you’re interested, you can join the following servers to chat with Clyde:

  1. Clyde’s Place: Slot 1
  2. Clyde’s Place: Slot 2

Discord’s Official Introduction to Clyde

Discord’s official website also has an article introducing Clyde, which contains more detailed information.

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