Introduction to Discord’s Media Channel

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Introduction to Discord's Media Channel

Discord has recently launched a new type of channel called “Media”, which is currently in the testing phase. As a result, only a few Discord servers have access to the Media Channel’s features, and most servers are currently unable to use it.

The Media Channel is an upgraded version based on the forum channel, primarily designed to serve the “Server Subscriptions” feature.

“Server Subscriptions” is a feature introduced by Discord to help content creators monetize their work (currently only available in the United States). The Media Channel provides a better display space for content creators to publish unique content exclusively for paid subscribers on Discord servers. This article will introduce the features of the Media Channel.

How to Create a Media Channel?

For servers that have this feature enabled, administrators can see six different types of channels in the channel creation menu, including the latest “Media” Channel. After selecting the Media Channel, you can proceed to name the channel and set permissions for the roles that can view it. Once the settings are completed, the channel can be created.

If you want to learn how to create other types of channels, you can refer to this article: “5 Main Types of Discord Channels You Should Know

Creating a Media Channel

Creating a Media Channel

Applications of the Media Channel

Currently, the official recommended usage includes three methods, where the first two methods can be used with existing channels as alternative solutions. You only need to set the channel permissions for content publishing to be visible to paid subscription roles. However, the third method can only be achieved with the Media Channel.

Method 1: Exclusive Content Provision

Creators can prepare exclusive content that is only available to members of the paid subscribers. For example, content that can be accessed in advance (prior to regular users), behind-the-scenes footage (special footage only visible to paid members), additional content (content not accessible to regular users). All these types of content can be published in the Media Channel.

Method 2: Exclusive File Provision

Creators can prepare files for download by members of the paid subscribers, such as wallpapers (image files), e-books (PDFs), music (MP3), and various other file formats. All these types of content can be published in the Media Channel.

Method 3: Promoting Paid Content on the Server

Creators can repost the content published in the Media Channel to other regular channels within the server, allowing all community members to see it. Non-subscribed members will see the content with a mosaic overlay (if there is a preview image), and below the shared content, there will be a “Subscribe” button to guide interested members to subscribe.

Appearance for non-subscribed members

Appearance for non-subscribed members

Subscribed members can view the content normally (including preview images, if any), and below the shared content, there will be a “View” button to redirect members to the Media Channel where the content was published.

Appearance for subscribed members

Appearance for subscribed members

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