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Includes information such as usage guides, community management, and bot introductions.

Discord-related Articles

This Blog has currently published over 90 articles related to Discord, divided into the following three categories:

Usage Guides

Basic instructions and guidance for Discord users to help beginners become familiar with operating Discord more quickly.

Community Management Guide

Operational tutorials and guidance for Discord server administrators, addressing common doubts encountered while managing servers.

Bot and Feature Introductions

Sharing various useful bots that can be used in server management, including bot introductions and tutorials on their functions.

What are the advantages of using Discord for community management?

Apart from meeting the needs of one-on-one, one-to-many, or even many-to-many community interactions,


High Customization Flexibility

Unlike Facebook groups without audience segmentation management, Discord offers channels, roles, and permissions features that allow for more diverse customization.


Diverse Interaction Methods

Discord caters to the need for communication through text, voice, or video simultaneously. Whether you want to send images, GIFs, videos, or files, Discord can fulfill these requirements.


No Advertisements and Algorithms

Discord provides a user experience free from third-party advertisements and algorithms that may affect message reach. The only thing to consider is the activity level of community members.


About Banka

With 9 years of experience in the gaming industry community, I have worked for game companies such as Blizzard Entertainment, HoYoverse, and Garena, participating in community operations and management for various game genres.

Starting in June 2022, I began sharing Discord tutorial articles on my blog. To date, I have accumulated over 90 articles and experienced more than 200 different Discord servers (communities).

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