How to Use Discord Server Template to Easily Set Up a Server

by 邦卡
How to Use Discord Server Template to Easily Set Up a Server

Discord is a free community communication software designed for communities. Users can create or join servers that interest them. For many people, setting up a complete server can take a lot of time and effort. This article will teach you how to use server templates.

What is Discord Server Template?

Discord server template can be thought of as the skeleton of a server, containing mainly 3 types of content:

  1. Channel Settings: Including the names of all channels and categories.
  2. Role Settings: Including the colors and names of all roles.
  3. Permission Settings: Corresponding settings for all channel and role permission settings.

In addition to the above 3 types of content, other things like used bots, member lists, and chat records are not included in the server template. New servers can directly apply the server template they like, and any part can be modified directly.

How to Use Discord Server Template?

For new servers, as long as you obtain the Discord server template link, click the link, and Discord will automatically pop up a notification to create a new server. Then, just fill in the server name and upload the server icon, and you can create a server identical to the template settings.

For already created servers, if you want to use a Discord server template, you need to use the backup bot’s backup and restore functions. However, the history messages, role, and channel settings of the original server will be reset. 

Discord Server Template Resources

Discord official template resources

Discord’s official website also provides 6 templates for different situations. You can see the following screen when you go to the page:

Official Discord templates

Official Discord templates

Choose any type that interests you and click the yellow box to use the template, as shown in the image below.

the yellow box is located at the bottom of the screen

the yellow box is located at the bottom of the screen

Third-party Template Resources

Here are a few Discord server template sharing websites. There are many good templates worth referencing that can be applied and modified.

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