What is Discord? How Can It be Used?

by 邦卡
What is Discord? How Can It be Used?

What is Discord?

Discord is a free community communication software designed for communities. You can think of it as similar to Facebook Messenger, as it allows you to communicate and interact with others. However, Discord offers more diverse community management features compared to Facebook Messenger. It can also be compared to platforms like Reddit, where each Discord server functions as a mini forum. The majority of Discord servers are private and require an invitation link to join.

For Regular Users

Discord is a convenient communication software that supports various communication methods such as text, voice, and video. The main use cases are as follows:

  1. Communication with specific individuals: One-on-one communication with friends or group chats with multiple people.
  2. Interacting with communities: Joining or creating servers (communities) to interact with like-minded individuals or communities with similar interests.

For Community Managers

Discord is a highly customizable and flexible community management tool. Here are four key core features of using Discord for community management:

  1. Channels: Each Discord server can have multiple channels, allowing you to design the positioning of each channel based on discussion topics or different functionalities.
  2. Roles: Each Discord server can have multiple roles to distinguish members with different attributes within the community.
  3. Permissions: By assigning permissions to channels and roles, you can create different community experiences for different members.
  4. Third-party applications (bots): Discord supports thousands of third-party bots with different functionalities. You can install bots that suit your specific needs, enabling various applications for your server.

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