10KTF – Master blacksmith Wagmi-san from the Neo Tokyo City

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The NFT project we are introducing today is an NFT specifically designed for NFT peripheral products, which may sound a bit rap-like. Let’s break it down and understand it.

  1. The name of this NFT project is 10KTF.
  2. It can create peripherals for holders of specific NFTs.
  3. The peripherals created are also NFTs at present.
  4. The project’s vision implies that their ambition is not just limited to JPGs, so there may be opportunities to create physical items or other things in the future.

Background Story of 10KTF

10KTF started to appear on Twitter on September 17, 2021. It is a story set in the fictional city of New Tokyo. As time goes by, the main storyline and characters of the whole story keep expanding. On the official website of 10KTF, you can also see the following city map:

10KTF – Master blacksmith Wagmi-san from the Neo Tokyo City

New Tokyo City

The current appearance of the city can be inferred to be composed of the images of 11 NFTs that have a partnership with 10KTF. Each project has its own dedicated area(?), and perhaps it will continue to develop towards the concept of the metaverse in the future.

Parent NFT

Currently, the 21 official partnered NFT projects are called Parent NFTs, and one of their commonalities is that they provide holders with complete commercial licenses. This is also the reason why “10KTF” can be built on top of other projects:

  1. Bored Apes
  2. Mutant Apes
  3. Kennel Club
  4. Cool Cats
  5. World of Women
  6. 0N1 Force
  7. Pudgy Penguins
  8. Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult
  9. Cryptoadz
  10. Gutter Cat Gang
  11. Wolf Game
  12. CryptoPunks
  13. Moonbirds
  14. Meebits
  15. Nouns
  16. World of Women Galaxy
  17. Forgotten Souls
  18. RENGA
  19. Super PUMA
  20. Chimpers
  21. Deadfellaz

The protagonist of 10KTF is an old man named Wagmi-san. He has excellent skills and is a famous craftsman in this fictional world. As long as the NFT holder possesses a NFT series that has a partnership with 10KTF and has the necessary materials, Wagmi-san can help them create exclusive peripheral NFTs.

10KTF – Master blacksmith Wagmi-san from the Neo Tokyo City


In the world of 10KTF, the main storyline is slowly progressing over time, and all story content will be updated on 10KTF Twitter.

Introduction to the 10KTF series

As of the update of this article (April 4, 2022), there are a total of 4 series related to 10KTF:

  1. 10KTF (the current main series of 10KTF)
  2. 10KTF Stockroom (the material series required to produce 10KTF)
  3. 10KTF Gucci Grail (the co-branded series of 10KTF with Gucci)
  4. 10KTF: GUCCI GRAIL MINT PASS (currently has no practical use, only commemorative value)


There are a total of 7 types of peripheral NFTs for 10KTF:

  1. Daypack
  2. High Tops
  3. Hoodie – Cat Ear
  4. Hoodie – Comfy
  5. Hat – Five Panel
  6. Hat – Snapback
  7. Socks

The following pictures are taken from tgerring.eth’s Twitter, showing the 7 different types of 10KTF parts that can be made with his MAYC. 

10KTF – Master blacksmith Wagmi-san from the Neo Tokyo City

The only limitation of 10KTF is that each NFT can only make one specific part of the NFT. For example, there is no second pair of MAYC#9380 High Tops in this world, only one unique pair, and it can only be produced through the crypto wallet that holds MAYC#9380.

10KTF Stockroom

The NFTs in this series are materials required to produce 10KTF, including tools, materials, and blank items.

Tools: These can be used with materials to produce blank items that can be reused. The staking function has been opened, so you no longer need to hold the tools to produce blank bodies. Instead, you can borrow staking tools to make them.

10KTF – Master blacksmith Wagmi-san from the Neo Tokyo City

Materials: These are consumables that can be used with tools to produce blank items. Each material can only be used once.

10KTF – Master blacksmith Wagmi-san from the Neo Tokyo City

Blank items: These can be used with corresponding NFTs in a cooperative series to produce related peripherals.

10KTF – Master blacksmith Wagmi-san from the Neo Tokyo City

These tools and materials were initially airdropped to early holders of the 10KTF Genesis.

10KTF Combat Gear

As the main storyline of 10KTF enters Chapter 2 of Season 1, on August 5, 2022, Level 2 combat crates went on sale. Seven different Level 2 equipment can be obtained from Level 2 combat crates:

10KTF – Master blacksmith Wagmi-san from the Neo Tokyo City

These seven new blank items are also classified as part of the 10KTF Stockroom series. However, after being made into finished products, they will be moved to a new series: 10KTF Combat Gear.

10KTF Gucci Grail

This is a special project that 10KTF collaborated with Gucci on during March 2022. Holders can bring their Gucci Grail Mint Pass (referred to as the crystal ball below) and any one of the 11 collaborated NFT series to Wagmi-san to create a new NFT that wears Gucci clothes within a limited time.

10KTF – Master blacksmith Wagmi-san from the Neo Tokyo City

Gucci Grail Mint Pass

There are two different sets of Gucci outfits in this collaboration, each set offering three different colors to choose from. The only restriction is that each NFT can only be minted once for the same style and color. In other words, the same NFT can be used to mint up to six different styles with six crystal balls.

10KTF – Master blacksmith Wagmi-san from the Neo Tokyo City

The three sets on the left are from the Gucci Love Parade series, while the three sets on the right are from the Gucci Aria series.

The 10KTF Gucci Grail series has not yet revealed its future functionalities and roadmap, but the project team has indicated that it will enjoy some benefits from both 10KTF and Gucci in the future.

Even without mentioning these future utilities, from my perspective, the 10KTF Gucci Grail can be considered a derivative series officially endorsed by both 10KTF and Gucci. This significant meaning is fully demonstrated in the images and offers collectors who have not had the chance to own BAYC or MAYC a new collection choice.

10KTF – Master blacksmith Wagmi-san from the Neo Tokyo City

Illustration of Gucci Love Parade X 11 collaborated series designs

10KTF – Master blacksmith Wagmi-san from the Neo Tokyo City

Illustration of Gucci Aria X 11 collaborated series designs


This refers to the crystal ball mentioned in the previous paragraph, which still exists in the secondary market. Since the limited time for derivative casting has passed, there is no additional utility for the crystal ball other than its commemorative value.

10KTF – Master blacksmith Wagmi-san from the Neo Tokyo City

The maximum number of crystal balls initially planned for release was 5,000, of which 950 were allocated as community rewards to early active community members, 100 were reserved by the project team, and the remaining 3,950 were offered for subscription through community lottery at a price of 1 ETH per ball. Each wallet has a maximum limit of one crystal ball.

In the end, only 4,460 crystal balls were circulated in the market, of which only 4,253 were used to mint the 10KTF Gucci Grail series.

After introducing the four related collections of 10KTF, let’s go back and explain some details of the main series 10KTF.

Attributes of 10KTF

Currently, there are two ways to obtain 10KTF: one is to directly receive the Genesis from Mr. Wagmi-san, the owner, by holding the NFT of early collaborative projects (gas fee is still required); the other is to obtain a Crafted by holding NFT and blank bodies and finding Mr. Wagmi-san for casting.

The time for ordering from Mr. Wagmi-san’s store is very irregular. Collectors who own NFT and materials from collaborative projects and want to create 10KTF should pay attention to the official announcement of the store’s opening time from time to time.


At the beginning of the 10KTF project, all 10KTF did not require blank items. As long as you are the holder of the collaborative NFT, you can directly receive them on Mr. Wagmi-san’s website. These 10KTF obtained by receiving have a special attribute: “Genesis”, which refers to the first batch of original 10KTF NFTs.

There are a total of 14,740 items with the Genesis attribute, all distributed in Daypack and High Tops.

Currently, the “10KTF” community recommends that new collectors hold 10KTF with the Genesis attribute. Many people speculate that 10KTF will continue to reward Genesis holders in the future.

G Tag

On December 16, 2022, 10KTF launched a recycling program. Anyone who holds 10KTF can participate in the recycling (excluding the 10KTF Combat Gear series). The cost of recycling is 10 ApeCoins plus handling fees (gas fees), and the 10KTF will disappear after recycling, and the blank item will be returned to the owner. For example, if you recycle a Daypack, you will get back a Blank Daypack.

However, if the item being recycled has the Genesis attribute, an additional “G Tag” will be awarded. The number of “G Tags” awarded will vary according to the rarity of the recycled item:

  • Common Genesis recycling can obtain materials and 1 “G Tag”.
  • Uncommon Genesis recycling can obtain materials and 3 “G Tags”.
  • Rare Genesis recycling can obtain materials and 9 “G Tags”.
  • Epic Genesis recycling is estimated to obtain materials and 27 “G Tags”.

G Tag

G Tag

If an item with the “Crafted” attribute is recycled, only a blank NFT will be obtained.

The actual use of “G Tag” is currently unknown, but there are various versions of speculation in the community.


10KTF crafted later using blank NFTs will have the “Crafted” attribute, and there is also a chance that they will have the “rare” and “epic” attributes with backgrounds.

The team behind 10KTF

Update: The WENEW team was acquired by Yuga Labs in November 2022 and became part of the entire ecosystem of BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club). Yuga Labs is the company that issues BAYC.

One of the most critical elements of a good NFT project is the ability and execution power of the team members, and what makes me most confident about 10KTF is their very strong team lineup.

The behind-the-scenes execution team of 10KTF comes from WENEW, and their official website is: https://www.wenewlabs.xyz/#10ktf

They have four co-founders: Mike Winkelmann (Beeple), Michael Figge, Tim Smith, and Guy Oseary.

10KTF – Master blacksmith Wagmi-san from the Neo Tokyo City


In March 2021, his artwork “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” sold for $69 million, making Beeple one of the “most valuable living artists today” and solidifying his reputation as a blockchain artist.

Michael Figge

In addition to WENEW, he is also the founder of POSSIBLE, a visual design and special effects company that collaborated with Riot’s “League of Legends” world championship from 2016 to 2019, including content and creative conception, as well as character and audiovisual effects design and production, and has deep roots in the gaming industry.

Tim Smith

I couldn’t find much information about him online, but it seems that he is also a very stylish artist. If anyone knows more information, feel free to share it with me in the comments.

Guy Oseary

One of the behind-the-scenes contributors to the success of the BAYC community in the US entertainment industry, he is currently responsible for the community construction of World of Women.

Introduction the WENEW

The company’s business spans the production of both blockchain and physical goods, primarily in collaboration with the sports and fashion industries, preserving some of the classic and special moments from these industries.

To some extent, what Wagmi-san is doing now is similar to preserving NFTs as peripheral NFTs in the form of beloved and high-quality NFTs. The website for 10KTF mentions that Wagmi-san’s ambitions go far beyond the world of blockchain, and that there is the possibility of creating physical goods.


一個專案能夠同時將 BAYC、MAYC、BAKC、Cool Cats、World of Women 等等 16 個社群匯聚在一起,而且都是在這個領域受到認可的優質項目,同時這個專案還在不斷的持續擴大,像是與 Gucci 的合作,未來的可想像空間……無限!

最後還有 WENEW 整個團隊的人脈以及業界累積出的聲譽,我對於《10KTF》未來發展的潛力相當看好,不過還是要再最後說一句,NFA DYOR (Not Financial Advice Do Your Own Research,不是財務建議,請做好自己的研究)

A project that can bring together 18 communities such as BAYC, MAYC, BAKC, Cool Cats, World of Women, and other high-quality projects recognized in this field, while continuing to expand, such as collaborations with Gucci, leaves unlimited room for imagination in the future!

Finally, the connections and reputation accumulated by the entire WENEW team in the industry make me very optimistic about the future development of 10KTF. However, I must reiterate the phrase “NFA DYOR” (Not Financial Advice Do Your Own Research), please do your own research instead of relying solely on this information for financial advice.